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Hands2create...say what?

Hands2Create Studio

Hands2Create ….what is the significance of the number 2? 

2 hands!  Throughout my life I have been able to express and produce the majority of my skills/talents with my two hands.  I liked the number 2 sandwiched between Hands and Create because it is unexpected.  

Hands2Create is my second business venture.  It was an attempt to downsize my original full service salon Salon Absolu to achieve a more one on one personalized service approach.  I also considered the name to encompass my many creative outlets that could still fall under the umbrella of Hands2Create.

My current location, 4636 N. Ravenswood is my second location.  It is in the heart of the Ravenswood neighborhood where many creative businesses reside.  Within the space I was able to divide the room in two.  One side for my hair salon and the other side a studio for many of my creative outlets, primarily an art studio.  The studio is within a quiet loft building…unassuming to the outside world.  Here I am able to work in and provide a safe and inviting environment for all.