“I have been getting my haircut for less than $20 for years at different supercut and hair cuttery’s.  I have never in my life had a good hair cut or even imagined that it could be cut any other way. I assumed I was always going to despise getting my haircut.  I moved close the Hands2create a few months ago and needed a haircut last minute. I read the reviews on this place online and about Jeff the owner in particular. Although it was more then I was used to spending on a haircut I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful it was.  For the first time when I left I loved my haircut.  I didn’t have to try and fix it when I got home and I vowed never to go another place again.  I had no idea that, even though I thought my short hair was easy to cut, having a professional actually do it could make such a difference.  Jeff is an awesome guy and I recommend him to everyone.   You won’t be disappointed!  And this is coming from a guy who went from despising haircuts with a passion for over 15 years to actually enjoying it…because I know it will look good when its over.”